When You're Away

"I eat dinner at the kitchen table
leftovers with mashed potatoes”

- Kate McGarrigile

When you're away I stay up late
Iron shirts, clean out my drawers
Play the piano, fortissimo and sing along
Practice complicated runs, again, again.

When you're away I wear thick socks to bed
Eat peanut butter with a spoon
Give the dog his own to lick
Then wash mine down with Riesling wine.

When you're away the days are long
At night I wake, I wake, I wake
The dawn I fear will never come
And when it does no coffee brewed.

When you're away my time's my own
But frankly it is not so great
The air is still, the silence like my deaf ear rings
I miss the time and space you take.

By Linda J. Himot
published in River Poets Journal, Autumn/Winter, 2012


Thank you for sharing these with me, Linda. They arrive at a perfect time, and land deeply.